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Check this Site out!!

July 21st, 2007 (09:55 am)


bluepinstripes [userpic]

New Site

March 20th, 2007 (05:56 am)

I have created a new site and will be making a move. Most everything is moved over already but I plan to create an archive also.
Go to http://www.bluepinstripes.com

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Prior headed to the minor leagues

March 12th, 2007 (03:24 pm)

Mark Prior has had some issues getting his stuff back and will be headed to the minor leagues to straighten things out. He has not return to his normal form. This could end up as downward spiral for him. The attempt is to give him less stress while he pitches. This hopefully gives him a good mid season return but I would imagine it will be doubtful. It looks like there will be a possibility of Angel Guzman, Carlos Mumol and Jeff Samardzija to make the starting role. That doesn’t leave out any others to bid for the spot either. The one thing that you got to like about Lou is he has a reason for every thing he is doing. If he thinks that someone doesn’t fit what he is looking for in a pitcher than they will need to spend time making the adjustment. Prior has not looked like himself since 2003 and 2004. When he tried to come back last year it was like watching a pitcher get mule kicked at the same time he was pitching. He had absolutely no mechanics in his throwing ability and it wasn’t as smooth as it once was.
Prior has a lot of rework to do and hopefully he will be able to find that star form he once had. We also can’t forget the consistency of Sean Marshall last year. Even though he didn’t finish the year out he has really came through when the Cubs needed him. 

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The Strike Zone

March 9th, 2007 (03:09 pm)

Here are the starting Pitcher’s previews. MLB’s Fantasy Preview.
                        Year     W         L         SV        IP         H          BB        K          ERA     WHP
Carlos               2006     16         7         0          214       162       115       210       3.41      1.29
Zambrano          Proj.     15         6         0          200       156       87         185       3.14      1.22
This will be Carlos’s seventh year as a Cub. For the last three years is numbers have climbed. His ability to put his attitude on the baseball has been great. Watching Z pitch is amazing these days. When pours every thing he has into a game you know that he is not going to let you down. The only thing is, Z has some bad days too. Those seven loses were examples of that. I can see Zambrano having less bad days this year. The Cubs new coaching staff will have a lot to do with how consistent Z will be. His consistency has improved over the year and I think that he will be up for a Cy Young when this year over with.
                        Year     W         L         SV        IP         H          BB        K          ERA     WHP
Rich Hill            2006     6          7         0          99.1      83         39         90         4.17      1.23
                        Proj.     12         8         0          175       154       60         175       3.89      1.22
Rich Hill has yet to really prove himself in the major leagues. The number projected I think are accurate. He has completed a rough rookie year and he can wash away any of the jitters that he had. He knows that this year is the year to get down to business. No more screwing around. I think that Rich Hill has the makings of what Mark Prior once was and 2007 will be good to him.
                        Year     W         L         SV        IP         H          BB        K          ERA     WHP
Mark Prior         2006     1          6         0          43.2      46         28         38         7.21      1.69
                        Proj.     7          6         0          125       114       51         139       4.27      1.33
Mark has spent most of the last two seasons trying to come back from an injury. Ever since he was hit by that line drive it has seemed like a Cubs night mare. Prior is the Cubs most prize possession. The preview gives him a decent year but not what we have seen in the past. As much as I want to say that the projection is probably accurate, I think that he will be back in the double digit winning catagory. If he stays healthy.
                        Year     W         L         SV        IP         H          BB        K          ERA     WHP
Ted Lilly            2006     15         13        0          181.2    179       81         160       4.31      1.43
                        Proj.     13         12        0          175       168       79         147       4.52      1.41
This is an interesting projection. Why is everyone so pessimistic about Ted Lilly. I think that his numbers bring back the Greg Maddux foundation that the Cubs once had. The Cubs would love to have Greg back as a Cub but they know that it is not geographically possible. So Lilly fits the grade that the Cubs are looking for. I would have to say that he will probably be pretty close in numbers but I think his wins will out weigh his losses by more than one game.
                        Year     W         L         SV        IP         H          BB        K          ERA     WHP
Wade Miller       2006     0          2         0          21.7      19         18         N/A       4.57      1.70
                        Proj.     N/A       N/A      N/A       N/A       N/A       N/A      N/A       N/A       N/A
For some reason Wade Miller is not pitching this year but Carlos Murmol and Angel Guzman are. The two rookies will probably see some time in the minors or time in the bullpen. The way spring training has gone I would say that Miller will most likely be back to form. He may not pitch like his 2001 16 – 8 season but he sure to be making a come back this year.

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Spring Training Day 2

March 2nd, 2007 (02:05 pm)

Angels at Cubs

bluepinstripes [userpic]


March 2nd, 2007 (10:46 am)

Here are the Outfield previews. MLB’s Fantasy Preview.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Alphonso           2006     647       .277      119       46         95         41         .351      .560      .911
Soriano             Proj.     625       .275      98         36         92         29         .322      .519      .841
For some reason the projected numbers don’t think Alphonso can repeat is numbers from last year. I would have to say that he is even more motivated than last year because he is willing to do anything he can to help the Cubs cause. This is a team that Alphonso wants to be with plus he has had some good numbers come from Wrigley Field. I think that second place ranking for outfielders has a lot to do with his pay. The only thing that worries me is that he strikes out a lot.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Matt Murton       2006     455       .297      70         13         62         5          .365      .444      .809
                        Proj.     475       .303      71         16         71         6          .367      .462      .830
Matt is what I would call the Cubs project. He plays good enough to be in the Major Leagues and his numbers prove it too. He hasn’t reached his prime yet but when he does the Cubs will be cashing in. He is a fast base runner and he hits with a lot of patience. His fielding has been great but left field is usually a pretty easy position. I think Matt Murton has made a mark in the MLB that will allow him to become one of the top outfielders one day.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Jacque Jones    2006     533       .285      73         27         81         9          .334      .499      .833
                        Proj.     525       .258      70         24         76         11         .316      .454      .770
Jacque has topped some career highs last year. Looking at his numbers, he really looks like a person that you want on your team. The only thing is that he has built a reputation for him self as the person that screws up all the time. I think that if he can focus more on the game and stick to the fundamentals he will have the Cub fans on his side. He had to take a tough position when replacing Sammy Sosa. Expectations were very high. They still are high and I think he will come through, maybe.  
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Cliff Floyd          2006     332       .244      45         11         44         6          .324      .407      .731
                        Proj.     250       .271      31         10         33         0          .340      .450      .790
Cliff’s numbers are down for a reason. Mainly because of an injury he has been dealing with. Look for Cliff to make a strong come back. He is home now and he is where he wants to be. If Matt or Jacque struggles Cliff will be the go to guy to get it done. Having him is a blessing in disguise for the Cubs. He will eventually become healthy and these numbers will be more like Derrek Lee numbers.

bluepinstripes [userpic]

First Spring Training Game

March 1st, 2007 (02:05 pm)
current location: Home Game

Giants 9 Cubs 2

This is a rough start for the Cubs as Marquis gave up one run on two innings. I have allways said that the more they lose in the spring training games the better they do in the regular season. Lee was the only one that could break Zito in two innings with a single.

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Check my links out

February 28th, 2007 (08:21 pm)

I just added a new link to my list.

MLBos.com Baseball News Blog

This is a really good looking site with a lot of baseball information.

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Infield Fantasy Preview

February 28th, 2007 (09:18 am)

I know the season is still a ways off and Spring Training is just about to begin. I just thought it would be interesting to take a look at the fantasy projections for the 2007 season. I got the information from the MLB’s Fantasy Preview.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Michael Barrett  2006     375       .307      54         16         53         0          .368      .517      .885
                        Proj.     425       .289      62         18         71         0          .345      .494      .839
Michael is fifth amongst the fantasy catchers. Joe Mauer is first, Brian McCann is second, Victor Martinez is third and Mike Piazza is fourth. I found that A.J. Pierzynski is fourteenth. I guess A.J. is getting past his prime and they project him to decline in numbers. I have to say that I am surprised that he is not in the top ten. My thought on Barrett is that he will have another good year and may even prove to some of the top catchers that he belongs in the same league. I think that Michael will be able to go beyond these projected numbers and I think he could even steal a base or two. (Especially with Lou’s aggressiveness)
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Derrek Lee        2006     175       .286      30         8          30         8          .368      .474      .842
                        Proj.     550       .303      96         34         94         14         .383      .568      .952
Derrek has one thing going for him this year and that is for him to rebound from an absent season. Derrek is a competitor and he would like nothing else than to get back up to the plate and make is normal swings. Derrek has perfected a swing that is so natural that he struggled to even find it at the end of the year last year. I am very confident that Derek will have an opportunity to play the entire season and he will most likely have better numbers than even 2005. He is ranked seventh in the fantasy previews but everyone knows in the back of their minds that Derrek is definitely Albert Pujols material.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Mark DeRosa    2006     520       .296      78         13         74         4          .357      .456      .812
                        Proj.     500       .266      70         12         64         3          .323      .406      .730
Mark is much like Todd Walker with consistency that is probably why he is only ranked at 30th. His numbers last year were unusually good but he still has a lot to prove to major league baseball. If he can make his new consistency like last year he is well on his way. He will have plenty of coaching help with Gerald Perry as a hitting coach. I think that Mark won’t fall as low as what they project. I think he will be a solid second baseman that more teams will want to look for in a veteran infielder.  
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Ryan Theriot      2006     134       .328      34         3          16         13         .412      .522      .934
                        Proj.      250       .284      38         3          35         10         .333      .354      .687
Ryan has something that Cub fans haven’t seen since 1984 in Ryne Sandberg. I think that this off season was filled with plenty of practice. I actually would project him to do better than these numbers. Watching Theriot hit the ball was like art work last year. Sure he didn’t hit many home runs but he got the hits when runners were on. I think Theriot should be ranked higher than 55th but he is only a rookie. I think that he will provide good competition at second base and even in the outfield. The big thing will be is if his bat will hold up for a complete season. Again, I think this is where Gerald Perry will come in handy.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Ronny Cedeno   2006     534       .245      51         6          41         8          .271      .339      .610
                        Proj.     200       .252      21         2          15         3          .278      .344      .622
These numbers don’t lie! Ronny has struggled in his first full season and he has not found a groove yet. He may have to revisit the minors to get back to what he is capable of. Ronny can be a very spunky short stop or second baseman and he is probably one of the best in fielding those positions. When he is in the field it is really difficult to hit up the middle on him. His bat is too silent to have in the lineup right now but I think that can be fixed to make him a good guy to put in, in the 8th or 9th inning for close games. Ronny has a lot to learn about batting but I think he will come around with time.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Cesar Izturis      2006     192       .245      14         1          18         1          .295      .318      .612
                        Proj.     550       .280      74         3          47         15         .322      .360      .682
Cesar is ranked 31st and provided Cesar is healthy the whole season he has the potential to come up with some good batting numbers and stolen bases. He is a gold-glover and that will allow him to work the field good. He is also an All Star so he has definite potential to make a re-visit to the All Star game. Unless something breaks down I think Cesar has something to prove this year. It will all depend on that ham string but Nomar is kind of in the same boat and he is ranked 19th with the first basemen. I think if Cesar gets injured Ronny will get plenty of practice to over come his frustration.
                        Year     AB        AVG     R          HR        RBI       SB        OBP     SLG      OPS
Aramis Ramirez 2006     594       .291      93         38         119       2          .352      .561      .912
                         Proj.     525       .304      93         42         110       1          .357      .569      .926
Aramis will most likely be more aggressive this year in his running. Don’t expect too much from him as far being a base runner. He is a pull hitter and he relies on his hits to get him where he needs to go on the base paths. If you ask me I would much rather see him jog the bases more this year. (That would mean more home runs and less injuries) Aramis will have less pressure on him this year because when Lee went down last year all the weight was put on him. This year if Lee were to go down then there is the likes of Daryl Ward and Cliff Floyd that will ease the pressure for him at the plate. That will make him a much better hitter. I look for Aramis to excel even more than he did last year because he will be more relaxed at the plate and will drive more balls out of the park. He is ranked fourth for third basemen.

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Live Hitters

February 26th, 2007 (01:36 pm)

Some of the pitchers have started throwing pitches to "Live Hitters" this week. Now I am probably not the most knowledgeable baseball fan and I am sure that those words have been said before. I was just kind of curious as to when they were going to pitch to "Dead Hitters"
I know, I know! Booo Hooo
Since the point is put out there. It looks like things are looking up for Cubs pitching this year. It is almost March and no pain is being felt in any arms. No Pain is going to be the key words to this year. At the end of the 2006 season the Cubs looked like they went to Iraq and played baseball. They were so broken and strained that even Barrett fell out at the end of the year. Even Sean Marshall fell to injury during the year and this is his first year. 
Well, all that is in the past now. I am sure Cub fans are looking forward to a fun filled sunny season with plenty of long balls and runs scoring. This Cubs team may be built on 300 + million dollars but they will need to have something extra to go along with the talent and fundamentals. They will need to have the chemistry that makes a team one solid unit. So far things are beginning to gel in spring training and it is almost like a master piece being put together right in front of your eyes.
If this is the year it will be a historical one that will be worth capturing every moment. 
I look forward to the beginning of the season as everyone does and it will be interesting to see how the Cubs will play. 


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